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Last week was strange anyway because we had a ton of leftovers from Jason’s surprise birthday party. A few brats, lot’s of veggies, potato chips and dip mainly. So we snacked on that until lunch on Sudnay.

Sunday for dinner we had some great spaghetti mince up for dinner – just mince up any veggies in the frig (onions, tomatoes, and a portabello mushroom from grilling out), sauté in just a little butter, and then add in a little spaghetti sauce at a time until there is a nice sauce. Make noodles and enjoy! We had a salad on the side too. Quite delicious!

Yesterday was a fend for yourself day, and here we are at today. Jason made Tuna Helper for lunch (he bought tuna in bulk from amazon, so it’s about 4 servings for under $3 when you throw some veggies into the mix). And for dinner we are just doing our own thing – I’m thinking pb&j with some yogurt for me and he will have what he will have.

After reading about the JANE4girls blog (which we did connect up through email and she’s agree to answer some questions for us, what would like to know? leave a comment with your question and I’ll make sure to ask her) and listening to Mindless Eating (audio book), I really feel like there is so much room in my diet to cut back. I feel like if she can feed a family of 4 on that much, I can certainly feed a family of 2! Things like cream and sugar in my coffee every morning, randomly eating a bonbon or a plate of nachos. I’m starting to follow the “if you are hungry, drink a glass of water and wait 10 minutes” rule to see if I’m really hungry or if I’m just randomly craving. I’m happy to report that last night Jason and I had nachos (we shared a plate and loaded it with tomatoes, onions and peppers and skimped on the cheese) and we both wanted more after we had finished. We decided to wait 10 minutes and you know what? We ended up both being just fine and not really hungry at all. It was all in our heads.

I’ve been struggling with my weight lately. I just want to be healthy and while I have been working out more and trying to keep my cardio up, my food life could really use a face lift. It’s not that I eat bad food (I’m usually pretty good about that), it’s that I eat too much. Like I’ll eat until it hurts… which is honestly hard for me to admit.  I think there are a few different things that lead to me overeating every day. It really did start when I was a kid. We didn’t get to have treats to often and when we did we all had a tendency to overdo it. Like we would get ice cream and eat a huge bowl instead of just a scoop. Portion control was always an  issue in my family. And even now I know my dad really struggles with it too. And I am my father’s daughter. If I’m eating something good, I want to eat as much as I can because “I don’t know when I’ll get it again.” I’m pretty financially secure now. Yes on a budget, but I can afford to get ice cream when I want it or chips or whatever. And Once I realized that I’ve been making progress on portion control.

From listening to Mindless Eating I’ve come to realize that the extra cream in my coffee, eating two extra bites instead of just one, will add up to 10lbs extra over the course of the year. And on the flip side. If I eat one bite less, if I go with a teaspoon of cream instead of a tablespoon, it could be 10lbs less over the course of the year. And let’s face it, the less you eat, the less you spend in groceries.

Oddly enough, Jason has the opposite problem as me, he eats less than he should. And so we really are both working on finding balance in our portions and snacks and treats. I heard yesterday on npr that a Snack is something you eat regularly between meals to keep you going – like an apple or yogurt or peanut butter toast. A Treat is something you have occasionally as, well, a treat. Like ice cream or cake, or a package of m&m’s. I really like the way they put that. We all know what are favorite treats are, but do we know what our favorite snacks are? This week I’m going to focus on healthy snacks. I’ll post each day what I snack on and my snack time will be 3pm.

I’ve put myself on a regular work schedule this past week and so I know 3pm is an ideal snack time for me (half way between lunch and dinner). I’ll just snap a photo and post about it and then post some links to some other snack ideas.

I was going to post a meal plan today, but because of last week’s crazy food issues I’m going to hold off until next monday. This week I’m going to plan from the pantry. I don’t have a plan yet though, so I’ll post about that tomorrow once I do!

See you soon!



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