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 omelette 1.1 When I was a kid I watched the Frugal Gourmet all the time and the only thing I really remember from it was his show on making omelettes. Which is great because I love them, but a little funny because it’s the only thing I remember. Anyway, I’m digressing.

So the Frugal Gourmet had a great point about omelettes – use water instead of milk. He said that the milk actually causes you to have watery eggs – the dairy content of the milk cooks with the egg and then the water separates out after the fact. And interestingly enough, if you use water instead of milk and wisk it together, no water separates out.

And the neat thing is, this technique makes a tastier omelette and it’s less expensive than using milk in your omelette.


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White Bread

Spaghetti sauce is great. You can make up a huge pot really inexpensively, it will feed you for days. Through some onions, mushrooms, garlic, carrots and chopped tomatoes in the mix and it’s really quite nutritious too! But after 3 days of breakfast, lunch dinner spaghetti, well, you get sick of it. Being such a great dish to make and enjoy, not be forced down because you are trying to save money or worse be banished to the back of the frig, condemned to mold over.

Well no more! Here are five great ways to completely change up your spaghetti into a brand new dish!

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