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Just about anywhere you go, there 4 great ingredients are on hand and really affordable:
spaghetti sauce in a jar
cheese of some sort


And with those 4 things you can make a delicious snack, dinner, lunch, treat in about 10 minutes. And if you have a little ham or veggies or whatever you find around it makes it all the better.

::Traveler’s Pizza::
Cut the baguette into a 6 inch piece and slice down the middle so you have two flat pieces (the top and the bottom).

Put 1 Tablespoon on each side, then chop up the garlic and any other toppings, toss on a little cheese and bake.

You can bake it in the oven at 375 for 10 minutes or in the toaster oven on medium toast – you just want to melt the cheese.


The really great thing is that anything that looks good to you while you are wandering around – eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, onions, odd things you don’t know what they are, can be used to really dress up and fill out this little mini pizza. And from one baguette you can usually get about four 6″ sections – so at least 2 days of meals. You can change up the sauce too and use pesto or hummus or mustard, add some greens and you have a tasty sandwich to take out with you. Bagels can also be used instead of a baguette.


I’m going to make more tonight, and I’ll have my camera then so I’ll post a picture later after dinner.

My plan is to find some tasty clam chowder for lunch – they serve it in a sourdough bowl around the bay – i’ve seen it from 7.75 to as low as 5.25, so I’m hoping to get it for 4.75 today if I can find a shop that’s not a touristy area (aka not pier 39!).

See you all later!


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Yesterday we were having baked Salmon, so instead of just baking two pieces of Salmon I marinaded 4 chicken breasts and baked them along with the Salmon. I’m going to use the leftover chicken in meals for the next few days so I can whip up meals super quick and easy. Today I made Curry Walnut Chicken Wraps for lunch and it was delicious!

Curry Walnut Chicken Wrap

Here is how I marinaded the chicken and baked it, and then how I made today’s lunch.

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