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I’ve been working very consistently for the last 2 weeks now and fairly consistently for the last month or so. And it’s been great. I really enjoy it and Jason and I have been supporting each other in our efforts: asking about routines, exercises, if we moved up weight, talking about supplements and protein. Basically just keeping the dialogue open about it so we feel like jerks if one of us doesn’t work out unless it’s for a really good reason. Until yesterday Jason went to the Iowa State Gym to workout and I worked out at home. He’s lifting well over 250lb for deadlifts and such so really needs to.

His membership is up next week and so yesterday we seriously talked about going to a different gym – he gets a free membership to the Ames Racquet and Fitness Center and we could apply what he was paying toward the iowa state gym to my membership. After chatting about it – and we had before it was more like “let’s make a decision about this” kind of talk – we decided to go for it!


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