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FFY Monday

FFY = Fend For Yourself

Quite literally. When you’re single and cooking on a budget, sometime you have to ask yourself the question upon opening your cupboard: “what can I put together that would be yummy?” And as far as my cooking ethics go… I usually just throw things in a pot, cross my fingers and hope for the best. Cooking is alchemy and supposed to encourage creativity.

I asked myself that question this afternoon… I opened my cabinet and it was pretty bare… I simply cannot make a meal out of m&m’s…. as much as I might want to, I need something substantial in my belly for fuel. So I made tonight FFY night. Growing up, I had a friend who, every Thursday, was FFY night in their house: the kids and parents all made their own dinner.  I made a hash, if you will… out of potato, fresh spinach leaves, black beans, coconut milk and spices. And it was delicious. Potatoes are a steal and I always have some onhand for circumstances such as this. I love spinach and think it is definetely not used enough. I sneak it into most things I make: spaghetti sauce, pizzas, omlettes, etc. Although I don’t have curry in my spice rack currently, I improvised cayenne, chili powder and pico de gallo.

Sautee the cooked potato in olive oil. Add the desired amount of spice. (I like it hot!). Add salt and pepper. Cook until potatoes are almost crispy. Add black beans, spinach and about 3 tablespoons coconut milk. Let simmer until spinach wilts (remember spinach really cooks down, so I usually add double what I think I can eat.) Put over rice, and enjoy.


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