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whitebread08 I remember getting fresh baked bread from the bakery with my mom as a special treat. She loved it and would savor every nibble. I also remember one Christmas my mom baking what seemed like 2 dozen loaves of knotted bread for presents. Homemade bread has always been a special treat. But why should it be? Is it just the time? Well, it takes an evening but there is only about 30 minutes where you are actually prepping it. So say on laundry day or when you know you will be home for the evening you; you should really give it a try.


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canana mini pies I have a great little treat for you. Cranana Mini Pies can be eating for breakfast, as a snack, or dessert. And best of all, it uses up those last few over ripe bananas that I forgot I had bought. Not enough for a full out loaf of banana bread, but more than enough to make a great batch of banana filled mini pies! Okay, the name might be a little lame, but I thought “Cranberry Almond Banana Mini Pies” was a little long and, well, I like the name Cranana.

This recipe actually has hardly any sugar in it (just a dusting of confectioner’s sugar after baking) and are still pretty sweet because of the overripe bananas in the filling – which tend to get sweeter as they ripen up. (more…)

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