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Yesterday we were having baked Salmon, so instead of just baking two pieces of Salmon I marinaded 4 chicken breasts and baked them along with the Salmon. I’m going to use the leftover chicken in meals for the next few days so I can whip up meals super quick and easy. Today I made Curry Walnut Chicken Wraps for lunch and it was delicious!

Curry Walnut Chicken Wrap

Here is how I marinaded the chicken and baked it, and then how I made today’s lunch.


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canana mini pies I have a great little treat for you. Cranana Mini Pies can be eating for breakfast, as a snack, or dessert. And best of all, it uses up those last few over ripe bananas that I forgot I had bought. Not enough for a full out loaf of banana bread, but more than enough to make a great batch of banana filled mini pies! Okay, the name might be a little lame, but I thought “Cranberry Almond Banana Mini Pies” was a little long and, well, I like the name Cranana.

This recipe actually has hardly any sugar in it (just a dusting of confectioner’s sugar after baking) and are still pretty sweet because of the overripe bananas in the filling – which tend to get sweeter as they ripen up. (more…)

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