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I am a big fan of Almost Frugal and I think in many ways the author has very similar goals to me over here at Thrift Kitchen. The biggest difference being she’s been writing her blog much longer and in a more dedicated fashion than I have been. And that’s okay. I know that these things take time to fall into a rhythm and I’ll just keep at it until it does.

Anyway, enough said about that. Almost Frugal just posted a great article on buying bulk and how it saves money. And she looks at all the aspects of it, not instructing you just to go get everything super sized, but to find the best buy for your money as well as finding space and time to handle those large sizes. Pin pointing what you use a lot of on a regular basis is key.

Jason and I have found that buying chicken (which we can freeze) and paper towels (which we can store away) are great ideas. Buying hummus though – not so much. I just couldn’t eat enough of it before it went bad. Some things you just might not know one way or the other and so you can always test it and if it spoils (or is hidden away for months) then take it off your bulk buying list.

Anyway, enough of that. Go read the article. It’s really helpful if you are thinking about (or already do) buying in bulk.

See you soon!

ps – see what happens, I’m all “I’ll post tomorow” and I don’t for a week, but then I’m like “I’ll post in a few days” and then I post the next. So it goes. Where is that ellusive rhythm anyway?


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I saw this today on “Hey, It’s Free”:

“Not to be outdone by Chick-fil-A, Oprah is giving away a coupon good for two free pieces of KFC chicken, two individual sides, and a biscuit! Plus, the terms say you’re limited to four prints of the coupon. Talk about an amazing offer – toss in a water and you’ve got yourself four free meals.

You have until 9:59pm CDT 5/6/09 to print the coupon. You can then redeem it at any participating KFC location from 5/5/09 to 5/19/09, excluding Mother’s Day.”

I haven’t been to KFC in forever, it might be fun to go get a free meal that I don’t have to clean up 🙂

See you later!

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After reading this article about a woman named Erin who has a blog I was surprised to see how well she lived on just $800 a year for her and her family. I have to say it really slapped my crazed spending into perspective. I mean, I’m a pretty thrifty person over all, but my food/home buying is careless. It’s not that it’s horrible, I just know I could be saving a ton of money on the things I’m buying with a little careful planning. Not even a lot of careful planning, but just a LITTLE.

Thankful, Jason feels the same way. And in fact together we decided to try our own experiment starting May 1st for 6 months. No it’s not as courageous as $800 a year, but in our own way, pretty revolutionary. We will be cutting our budget in half to $100 a month for all our groceries/cleaning/dining/bath/beauty expenses. So $600 total for 6 months. And if all goes well, we will cut it again to $75 a month for the next six month after that.

April is our month for adjusting.

We decided that it’s going to take at least a few weeks to adjust to this way of eating/spending.

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It’s important to make sure that even while you are scoring great deals, on boxes of this and that rice mix, you get plenty of fresh foods in your diet.And buying what’s in season is the best way to make that an easy and affordable thing to do.

Find out what’s in season from this Produce Calender for the US or this one for the UK.

Asparagus right now is great to pick up from the store (or the garden if you are lucky enough to have some established) because it’s in season. I’ve seen it for as much as $4.29/lb during the winter and it’s usually woody and not tasty. This bundle was just .99/lb (on sale) and nice thin slender tasty stalks.

Today was a great day! I had a day old muffin and a coffee with a friend for a coffee date ($3.75), worked out when I came home, had a Spru-Tien protein shake ($1.29) after lifting (which kept me full until dinner – no it’s not a diet thing, it’s just a hefty protein shake), then Jason and I made dinner together – which is the main point of today’s post.

We did a quick look though the cupboards and decided on using some Zaterain’s Red Bean rice mix with tuna (under $2.00 for both because Jason bought the tuna on amazon.com coupled with some rebates and such and I scored the red bean mix for just 97 cents ). And then I dug around in the frig and remembered asparagus and red onions in the crisper.

We made the rice mix as directed and added the tuna at the end. Then I chopped up the asparagus and onions to make a little sautéed veggie side dish so we can get some greens with our protein and carbs.


I put a 1/4 t. of olive oil in a hot skillet, tossed the onions until fragrant, added 1/2 t. vinegarette (asiago cheese in this particular case), stirred, and then added the asparagus. Sautéed for a minute or so until it turns bright green.


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Today I’ve been looking around for ways to save money on groceries and house hold things and I found this great website called “Hey, It’s Free!” in an article on the MSN Smart Spending Blog (both now in my rss feed).

In the author’s own words:

“Hey there, I’m Goob and this is Hey, It’s Free, otherwise known as HIF. I spend my days looking for 100% legit, non-spammy freebies. Have a look around and pretty soon you’ll realize we’re the #1 site for free stuff!”

And today he posted about a free tea sample from Mighty Leaf! I love tea so this is great. You don’t even have to sign up for their mailing list or anything. (and I haven’t even received a “thanks for getting a sample” email yet).

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