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After the great success of the Laundry Detergent – clothes are clean and smell nice – I’ve been thinking that I should check out how to make my own dishwasher detergent. It’s not that it’s insanely expensive, but it still does add an extra $6 or so to the monthly budget. If I can make my own for .65 cents for 100 plus loads as Frugally Green author claims I am all about it. I had most everything I needed hanging out under the sink – the kool-aid was in the cupboard.


Dirty Dish Detergent

I wanted to start out with a small batch just to see how it worked – I think a good idea for anyone who hasn’t made their own before.

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laundrydetergent04 I’ve been doing a lot of laundry this week and ran out of detergent today. Thankfully I was able to dig around in our apartment and found some more detergent from my move here (we had a lot of doubled up supplies) so I’m good for the rest of this laundry labor session, but there won’t be much left after that. Should I shop around for some laundry detergent deals and coupons – thinking in advance before I actually run out – or should I give making my own a shot?

I read over on the Simple Dollar about how he made his own laundry detergent [a nice visual guide to making it and a ton of comments] and it sounds pretty easy and even better I have all the supplies! I saved my huge Era container and will pour it in there once it’s all mixed up.

After searching around (using swagbucks.com and scoring a sb) I found this recipe for making the laundry detergent. It’s pretty much the same with I think slightly less water? So I’m hoping I can fit it all in my jug. You use a 1/2 cup per load instead of a full cup. (more…)

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Coupon Capers = Organizing all those Clippings!

I have a lot of issues with coupons. Mainly I forget I have them, forget them at home and buy X without them, buy random things I don’t need just because “I have a coupon for it! what a deal!”

From what I’ve read, the best way to sale shop/buy with coupons is:

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Soaked and Rinsed Beans

Anytime I decide to make something myself I’m faced with issues of cost of materials, energy, and time. How much am I really saving when I make something myself? Well, if done right, a whole lot actually!

I love beans. There are to me a magical food filled with protein and fiber. Low in fat and sugar they make a great protein source in many types of meals. You can mix them into salads, stir fries, casseroles, stews, and of course chili!

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